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Season 3 (2016-2017)



Courtney Bahr Duncan Bahr Martha Manning Blair J. L. Brown
Elizabeth Curtis Jennifer Fink • Heather Franklin Charles Hale
Joshua Hernandez
Alexander Mrazek Kevin Sigman
Omar Jamille Velazquez Samantha Whaley

3-01 "DOUBLE IDENTITY, PT. 1"Original airdate: 25 Sept 2016
The terrified claims of a prominent businessman have gone unnoticed by the NOPD. Now it's up to Dupris to learn the truth . . . if he can even survive it!

3-02 "DOUBLE IDENTITY, PT. 2"Original airdate: 30 Oct 2016
A client seemingly back from the dead, a duplicitous woman as the primary suspect, and the police on his heels for a murder he didn't commit . . . what's a detective to do?

3-03 "LOST & FOUND"Original airdate: 27 Nov 2016
A prized heirloom posession vanishes from the home of the last surviving heirs to a regional legend. Now it's up to Dupris to find the item and bring it back before their ties to the past become all they possess!

3-04 "BLESSED ARE THEY" Original airdate: 25 Dec 2016
A charitable act becomes a murder scene at the home of one of the state's wealthiest philanthropists. Time is running short to piece together the sad remains of what became a truly "killer" Christmas party!

3-05 "ROUGH DRAFT" Original airdate: 29 Jan 2017
An award-winning author's latest opus is taken from him at the very moment of its completion. With Hank by his side, Dupris sets off in search of the missing manuscript.

3-06 "STIFF DRINK"Original airdate: 26 Feb 2017
When a patron at Morty's bar suddenly keels over dead, too many questions arise. But when another man meets the same fate . . . suddenly concerns arise that maybe something more sinister is behind it all!

3-07 "BLOOD IS THICKER"Original airdate: 26 March 2017
A beautiful, mysterious woman from the bayous seeks out Dupris to tail her wealthy husband . . . but what happens next, no one is fully prepared for.

3-08 "SINS OF OUR FATHERS" Original airdate: 10 June 2017
Tensions grow in the office as tension grows on a missing person case . . . causing Dupris to fear that his secretary may just have met the same fate.

Bonus: SEASON 3 BLOOPERS Original airdate: 16 April 2020
Enjoy these hilarious outtakes from the Season 3 recording sessions!