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Season 2 (2015-2016)



Courtney Bahr Duncan Bahr Jackson Bahr Elizabeth Curtis Jennifer Fink
Heather Franklin Joshua Hernandez Alexander Mrazek Kevin Sigman
Omar Jamille Velazquez Derek Wallman Samantha Whaley Thomas Young

2-01 "LITTLE BOY LOST" Original airdate: 27 Sept 2015
When a ten-year-old appears on the office doorstep one warning, Dupris is enlisted to help locate the boy's father . . . while unwittingly awakening ghosts of his own past.

2-02 "BLEEDING HEART" Original airdate: 29 Nov 2015
A banker returns home late one night to find his lace ransacked and his wife missing. With time running short and a hefty ransom demand, Dupris is enlisted to save her.

2-03 "HOSTEL HAINT"Original airdate: 27 Dec 2015
The owners of a reputedly haunted bed and breakfast call on Dupris when strange and destructive things begin to happen.

2-04 "BARE ESSENTIALS"Original airdate: 31 Jan 2016
A Bourbon Street showgirl begins to fear for her life when her musician boyfriend suddenly begins to demonstrate violent behavior towards her.

2-05 "BLUES IN THE NIGHT"Original airdate: 29 May 2016
A phantom gunman takes aim at Louise,then continues to plague both her and Morty with vicious and spiteful threats.

2-06 "TEXTBOOK CASE" Original airdate: 29 May 2016
When a promising college student is discovered dead in his room, Dupris is called in to discover the unspoken . . . and inadvertently uncovers the darker side of academia.

2-07 "TRUTH BE TOLD" Original airdate: 29 May 2016
One of the Picayune's prize-winning reporters discovers her office raided and files stolen. Someone is hellbent on making her pay for a slanderous article . . . but who?

2-08 "SINS OF OUR FATHERS" Original airdate: 29 May 2016
Both facing and fighting against the multiple demons of his past, Dupris is called upon to intervene when his father faces a probable murder charge.

Bonus: SEASON 2 BLOOPERS Original airdate: 17 June 2016
Enjoy these hilarious outtakes from the Season 2 recording sessions!