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Season 1 (2014-2015)



Courtney Bahr Duncan Bahr Elizabeth Curtis Jennifer Fink
Joshua Hernandez Alexander Mrazek Kevin Sigman
Omar Jamille Velazquez Samantha Whaley Patrick Zaia

1-01 "INDECENT EXPOSURE"Original airdate: 28 Sept 2014
When a concerned newspaper man uncovers a potentially damaging series of pornographic prints, he enlists the help of former cop Gerard Dupris to solve the matter . . . before it's the photographer himself who ends up getting framed!

1-02 "CHECKING OUT" Original airdate: 26 Oct 2014
A Hollywood couple honeymooning in the Big Easy discover their hotel room has been ransacked. Yet nothing appears to be missing! Or so they claim . . .

1-03 "SIGHT UNSEEN" Original airdate: 30 Nov 2014
A talented young psychic has a vision of a murder. With very little to go on but fearing the premotion, she enlists Dupris to help stop the crime before it happens.

1-04 "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" Original airdate: 14 Feb 2015
As Dupris prepares to open his office for business, old friends call upon him to help locate a young man's missing sweetheart. Has she run away from home . . . or has something worse happened?

1-05 "WHERE THERE'S A WILL" Original airdate: 28 Feb 2015
A young man is shocked to discover that he has been inexplicably written out of his father's will. Now it's up to Dupris to set things right and reveal the mastermind behind this change!

1-06 "BELLES & BEAUX"Original airdate: 29 Mar 2015
What begins as a typical case on the trail of a cheating spouse turns into something far more complicated . . . for all parties involved.

1-07 "FALLEN STAR, PT. 1" Original airdate: 03 May 2015
A midnight call and a plea for help from a former colleague sends Dupris on a dark ride, bringing him face to face with ghosts from his past.

1-08 "FALLEN STAR, PT. 2" Original airdate: 24 May 2015
Juliette's vision, inspired by a visit from the young widow Valentini, sparks Dupris to action, helping him put together the missing pieces of a dark and longstanding puzzle.

Bonus: SEASON 1 BLOOPERS Original airdate: 30 May 2015
Enjoy these hilarious outtakes from the Season 1 recording sessions!