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- H I S T O R Y -

THE ADVENTURES OF GERARD DUPRIS is the brainchild of writer/composer Beau Mahurin. Drawing inspiration from literary and cinematic pulp fiction writers, DUPRIS was first developed as a private reading venture at Oberlin College, employing production methodology acquired from involvement with a pre-existing live weekly radio show on campus.

Ultimately online podcasting proved to be the most effective and rewarding method in its final form. The pilot episode of a trial-run season first aired in March 2010, brought to life through the assistance of regional volunteer talent in the Central Florida region. Despite positive initial responses, complications arose, bringing the trial run to an end in mid-2011.

Since then, a new sound and show format have been developed. And at last DUPRIS has been revived! The first three seasons debuted between 2014 and 2017, with a resurgence of interest in 2019-2020.

- R E S P O N S E S -
from listeners

"Love the show! The writing, acting is top notch and it really feels like you are listening to a 1940s radio play. Can't wait for the next episode!"

"I have been listening to [the episodes] and I love them! . . . What you are doing is really great. I grew up listening to series like this!"

"What fun! Just like listening to radio episodes in my younger days before TV."

"I just love what you have all done with this series. It is an absolute joy to listen to. I think that your production quality is superb and the stories are very well written. Thanks again for sharing these with us."

"Truly an amazing romp. It is incredible to meet a hard-boiled cast with a light-handed take on a great classic art!"

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