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"See the world through the piercing grey eyes
of the sleuth of old New Orleans!"

In the vein of the great detective dramas from the golden age of radio, The Adventures of Gerard Dupris features the continuing case files of a former policeman turned private eye, living, scrounging, and surviving in the "Big Easy" of the late 1940s.

As an ongoing parade of colorful characters saunters through our hero's door, the atmosphere shifts constantly between the dark, dramatic, sometimes intense world of noir, and the lighter humor and dry irony of vintage period pieces . . . tempered with relevant and often suprisingly modern sensbilities. Friendships and alliances are tested and strained. Life choices and decisions are questioned.

From the lake and riverside docks to the bayous outside the city . . . from the vibrantly exotic French Quarter to the posh, historical Garden District mansions . . . from sunlit parks and pleasure cruises to the dark encroachments of cemeteries . . . Dupris will find himself tossed about the underbelly and seedier sides of his historical and multi-faceted home town, all the while coming to terms with his place in the world, the hand he's been dealt, and the life he's come to create.


The inital concept and format for Gerard Dupris was first developed by writer/composer Beau Mahurin while a student at Oberlin College (OH), where he participated with and regularly contributed to a live weekly radio show on campus.  Following graduation, an initial trial-run season debuted in March 2010, though sadly brought to an end in mid-2011 due to various complications.

The current running incarnation was developed and began airing in 2014, thanks to the input and assistance of professional talents and amateur enthusiasts in the Central Florida region.  The first three seasons premiered between 2014 and 2017, with an active resurgence of general interest beginning around 2019-2020. The revival's original cast and creative team are currently back in discussion.